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Ramps 1.4 for Scanner Controller

The choice of a Ramps 1.4 controller was based mostly on the popularity of the controller in the 3D printing community.  I also wanted a controller that gave me a lot of room for expansion. I sourced the 4 parts in ebay (ATmega2560 board, Ramps 1.4 and 2 A4988 stepper drivers) for a total cost of under 45 dollars. The current firmware is located on the repository site C2SCAN in the Firmware folder.  

To push the code to the controller just install and use Arduino Firmware IDE.

This Firmware is functional  and currently controlling the turntable and Z Axis. however the Z Axis is controlled from the scanning software as a manual adjustment. Work is currently in process to add scanning incremental updating along this access along with sensing model height.