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Source code naming convention explanation

Since modification of the Fabscan software is so extensive due to the addition of vertical scanning and dual laser support any source file modified has had the first character of its name changed to “c” instead of the default Fabscan’s “f”. Current source code has been compiled exclusively on Ubuntu and has not been tested on any other platform. Keep this in mind when using control functions for the Logiteck camera specifically disabling auto focus functionality. Also it is apparent to anyone reviewing the code base that all laser stepper functions have been removed. In researching the feature I’ve determined it is not worth the overhead it generates both in code and extra hardware.



  1. Sonny Waxmo says:

    Very exciting, I’m planing to build your c2scan. Do you have any tutorial for a first time ubuntu user?

    Good luck with everything



    • The short answer is no I don’t have a tutorial, in fact the code itself is constantly being updated to support newer features like Z axis and dual laser cloud mapping. I can say as my current development environment is Ubuntu 14.04 that should you have issues I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. I pretty much feel if there is an issue or problem to have I’ve run into it.


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